“Climbin’ Up the Mountain Children”

Jeremiah 1:4-14 (NIV)
New Life Presbyterian Church – February 7, 2016
The Reverend Deborah Fae Swift


(Sing) Climbin’ up the mountain, children.

You know I didn’t come here for to stay.

If I never more see you again, Gonna see you  at the judgment day.


I’ve always loved that song …

No matter what challenge I’m facing … no matter how hard it seems to be getting around me … there’s a sense of adventure to be climbing up the mountain with others.

This reading today … this trek up the mountain with Peter, James, and John – this was a DIFFERENT kind of trip up the mountain. The guys are following Jesus. They’re away from the rest of the pack. He was leading them up there and then he walks a little ways away and … BOOM! … they see these other leaders. Everyone is enveloped in an eerie kind of light. They KNOW something is different … special … SACRED.

It’s the most MAZING thing of their lives and they want to stay there and soak it in. It was a special, holy moment and they didn’t want ANYTHING to break the spell. It’s like when we’re at a concert and there’s that moment when the music stops and nobody wants to even BREATHE let alone clap. It’s that special ENERGY in the air.

What IS it about those times? What is it that APPEALS to us so?

I tend to think it’s aa glimpse of the Kingdom of God … it’s a look INSIDE of ourselves and finding the Light and Love of God that truly TRANSFORMS us.

THAT’s what the transfiguration is all about … at least PART of what it’s about. And transformation ITSELF can be sacred and holy … that moment when you KNOW there is something special … that moment when EVERYTHING seems possible … when everything seems FRESH and NEW.

Sometimes I wonder why Jesus told them not to tell anybody what they’d seen.  Would they not be believed? Would they be ridiculed? Or was it something more spiritual than that?

Sometimes things are just so special that we don’t want to TALK about them because trying to put language around something that’s BEYOND words only cheapens it.


And so that brings me to today.

We are, in some ways, climbing up the mountain and getting a glimpse of Jesus in ways that we never have before. All these things that we are going through in this church … all of the conversations about the future … all of the debates about future options.

We are in that sacred space between what USED to be (before the mountain) and what WILL be (when we head back DOWN the mountain). For the time being, we are ON that mountain, and Jesus is transforming US from the inside out.

How cool is that?

We will be changed FOREVER by what we are experiencing with Jesus right now. So let’s live every minute of it and take it ALL in … because His light changes everything, and his love TRANSFORMS us.

Amen and amen.




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